The Beisser Coat of Arms

Beisser Coat of Arms according to Kurz

For my English speaking friends:                                    

The adjacent Beisser coat of arms is from the big "Kurz'schen
 Wappensamlung," Volume II, page 57. -- That shows a golden
dog's head with a blue collar on a red shield . -- Another dog's
head grows out of the helmet as in the shield. -- The colors of
the helmet mantling on both sides are gold on red.                

This family is an old Swabian middle-class family. The spelling
of the name varied over time: Beiser, Beyßer & also Beußer.  
The latter, however, carried a different coat of arms.               

(The "Kurz' schen Wappen Samlung" was handscribed by             
Eugen Kurz in Ulm, Bavaria, Germany and remains unpublished.)